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Jake Smith had it all. 


A dream he was born into, a hero dad, and a girl who giddy-upped into his heart unexpectedly.  When tragedy strikes, he abandons everything. 

Seven years later, he's back in Lovestruck for his sister's wedding, where he comes face-to-face with his ex, Cassie Sullivan, who ended up staying in town and converted his family ranch into a...dude ranch.

More than sparks fly at the tense reunion. Cassie is angry at the pain Jake caused her all those years ago. Still, she doesn't deserve to stay mad. She has a secret that would've ended their union long ago. 

The Reluctant Cowboy is a swoon-worthy second-chance treat. Laura Elizabeth's aptly named town of Lovestruck is crackling with life, heartfelt family love, and the hope that with a leap of trust and a spirit of forgiveness, you can go home again.


- Mary Ann Marlowe, author of Some Kind of Magic

"Spend some time with Jake and fall in love with a reluctant cowboy. With her sensitive and deft writing, Laura transports readers to a land where family triumphs over distance, dreams aren't easily forgotten, and some old secrets can't stay buried. Don't miss a chance to spend time there." 

- Elizabeth Newman, Reader

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